Creating Marketing Emails in Outlook – Avoid including too many Images

When we look at the several forms email-marketingof digital marketing in vogue today, email marketing still seems to be going strong. As opposed to other forms of digital marketing including social media advertising and search engine adverts, sending a marketing email is way cheaper. More importantly when you are looking at the B2B market, email marketing is an absolute must. Now the Outlook application is often used by scores of organizations including small businesses for sending out marketing emails. At times in an effort to garner more response from their target audiences, people include too many images in the emails they send out. However such emails are likely to get a poor response rate due to several factors that we will explain in detail.


Emails with Images are More likely to be Filtered

The marketing emails you send out have to pass through email filters before reaches the inbox of the recipient. Now if the recipient is using the Outlook application, it is likely that the spam filters would proactively sort out images with inline links if they are not from a trusted address or are not in the contacts. Even other email clients including online platforms like Gmail and Yahoo have filters that work on similar premises.


Outlook Typically Does Not Display Images in Message preview

Default Outlook security settings prevent images from being displayed in preview. With lot of people reading emails of the preview pane, an image heavy email with little supporting text may get overlooked.


Images May not Appear in a Consistent Manner to all Users

The images that you include in the mail body of the Outlook email message may not appear in the same manner in a recipient’s system. In case he is using a different version of Outlook or a different platform like Gmail to view the emails, the formatting and structure may get messed up. An email with too many images is most likely to mess up in several systems than a text rich email.


The Best Way Forward

Ideally your marketing emails should include just a few small sized images and should carry additional text to make sense even if the image does not appear. Moreover a link that allows the reader to view the email on your website should also be included.


Be Prepared for PST Errors that can Risk your Emails

If you are a regular Outlook user, there may come a time when you encounter a PST file corruption issue. While some PST error message may seem innocuous, the fact remains that they can be symptoms to an Outlook crash that can jeopardize all your emails. Hence it is advisable to keep a pst repair tool handy and the DataNumen Outlook Repair application is the best in business. With its sophisticated recovery algorithm, the tool can draw out your data from the most thoroughly compromised PST files with aplomb. Moreover it can negotiate different types of media including flash SSD with ease.


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