Creating large Zip files using 64 bit extensions

Over the last decade the personal computing world has seen numerous changes and one of the most significant amongst them has been the move towards 64 bit computing. Around 2003 the first Macs and later some PCs started to come with 64 bit processors which inherently had the potential to redefine the computing world. The zip format too has been affected by the march of 64 bit computing technology.

The typical zip format used a 32 bit address register which limited the file sizes to 4GB. In case if you wanted to zip files totaling above 4GB in a single zip file you would have encountered an error which mentioned that the file is too big to be stored in the zip format. However with the zip64 extensions file size limits became history and today you can create a large zip whose size is only limited by the computing resources available on your PC.


How to create a large Zip file

Before you start with the process of creating a large zip file, you need to check whether the file system on your machine is capable of handling such large files. If you are using the NTFS file system then you should be able to do this with ease. Most latest Windows operating systems install NTFS as default, however Windows XP offered you both Fat 32 and the NTFS format. If you are using an older machine which on Window 9x you will not be able to create a large zip file.

Also you need to make sure that the zip application you have, can create large files. Latest versions of most popular zip utilities should be able to create large zip files with ease. WinZip introduced the feature in WinZip 9.0 and all its subsequent version have the 64 bit option. In case you have a latest version of WinZip, creating a large zip is automatically taken care by the application and you just need to add the files that you want to zip.

Data Corruption in Large Zip files

When you create a large zip and transfer it to another system, there is a chance that it may get corrupted. When it comes to corrupted large zip files, you should always look to get hold of a zip repair utility that can deal with files exceeding 4GB in size. One such tool is the sophisticated DataNumen Zip Repair application which boasts of offering a bunch of well thought our features which include capacity to deal with CRC errors, batch zip recovery and can extract data from corrupted zip files from different media types like flash drives and CD ROMs. In case you are looking for zip recovery tool for your office, the DataNumen zip repair would be the ideal choice owing to its host of benefits and overall stellar performance.

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