Creating Business Cards in Outlook for Quick Sharing

The need to reach out to more and more sixrevisionbusinesscardpeople is a key requirement for growing any business. Imagine a scenario where you need to share your contact details with a whole bunch of people. While you can send out an email with your detailed information to everyone or send them a text message over phone, such an approach may not be effectual. A recipient of your email will find it difficult to copy paste the contents into the address book. Instead if you send an Outlook business card, the receiver can add you to his or her contact list in just one click. Moreover an Outlook business card is likely to contain a whole lot of detail about you and your business which can help your prospects to know more about you directly out of the Outlook application.


Steps to Create an Elegant Business Card in Outlook

At the outset you need to identify the content you wish to place in the Business card besides your email and phone number. For example you may wish to include your social media links or company logo too. Once you have thought out what you wish to include just follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to Contacts and then click on New Contacts
  2. In the subsequent Untitled –Contact window, fill in the necessary details
  3. You will get options to enter a whole set of information from Fax numbers to certificates. In case you are using an old version of outlook, create New fields to include Social Media profiles
  4. Once complete save the details and your business card will appear in the list of contacts


Now to share to your business card, just go to your contact page and forward your card.

Apart from sending a standard business card you may even choose to customize it as per your needs. From adding custom fields to changing the image area of the card, Outlook allows a great deal of flexibility in designing business cards. A variety of layouts are also present in the Outlook card designer for your convenience. If you wish you can also alter the background of the business card to your taste.


An Outlook crash can jeopardize your contact data

Over time, the Outlook email client becomes a very critical repository for business contacts and many of us do not even keep a printed backup of our contacts. Given the scenario an Outlook crash that involves PST file corruption can be a grave threat to your contact data. So to avoid a nightmarish scenario where your entire contact list becomes inaccessible, you should keep a pst repair application like DataNumen Outlook Repair installed in your system. This remarkable tool can bring back all your contact data, including business cards with ease. Moreover it can also be used to deal with inordinately large PST files by splitting them up into manageable portions. Apart from recovering PST files stored on a standard hard disk, the application can also be used to recover files stored in optical and flash media devices with equal ease.


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