Creating a Distribution List – The very basics

In this article we look at creating a distribution list which would allow you to send emails to a group of contacts in one go.

Creating a Distribution List – The very basics

Most Outlook users who work in offices tend to receive emails sent to a group. For example you may receive an email from the Human Resources department that is addressed to all employees. Sending emails to a group of people can be achieved in Outlook with the help of a distribution list. Outlook allows you to create several distribution lists, based on your needs from the email IDs stored in your contacts list.

Creating a Distribution List in the Ms Outlook Client

1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and click on New
2. From the drop down option click on Distribution List
3. When the Distribution List screens shows up, assign a Name to it
4. Next click on the Select Members options to choose the contacts that you wish to add to the distribution list
5. In case you wish to add a description for the specific list, use the Notes tab to enter the same
6. Once you have chosen all the desired contacts, click on Save and Close to store the list

Updating a Distribution List

In most cases after a period of time you may find the need to update your distribution list. For example, if a new employee joins your organization, you would have to update list with his or her email ID. The same can be achieved using the steps listed below

1. In the Outlook application, move to the Contacts tab
2. Now search for Distribution list you have created by name
3. Once the list shows up, double click on it
4. In the distribution list screen, you can use either the Select Members button or Add New button to enter a new entry into the list
5. Once all additions have been made click on Update Now to confirm the new entries into the list

In Outlook it is possible to assign a category with a distribution list for easy reference. Moreover it also allows you to make a list private.

All Rules and Quick Steps created in Outlook can come at risk during a PST crash

When we use the Outlook email client on a regular basis, we start customizing it to suit our requirements. From creating rules for organizing emails to enforcing custom settings for handling spam, a lot of preferences get stored over a period of time. Now a PST crash has the potency to undo the hours of effort you have made in priming your Outlook client to meet your needs. In one minute, everything from stored rules to journal entries can vanish due to a PST crash. Hence it makes great sense to invest in a pst recovery tool like the DataNumen Outlook Repair application to deal with such contingencies. It can effortlessly draw out all Outlook data elements from a compromised file within minutes. If that was not all, the application can be used to discover the location of a PST file which is not coming up in a normal search.

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