How to Create Signature in Outlook

Have you ever met the situation that your mail to others was considered as junk email? If you have a signature in your mail, I believe, your email won’t be classified into junk emails.

At present, apart from telephone and various social media, email is a more official way to communicate with our business partners and colleagues, etc. It is apparent that email is playing an increasingly important role in our daily work.

However, some email clients like MS Outlook have the function of junk mails. Thus sometimes when we send an email to a stranger, they may consider our email as a junk mail. Maybe this is because that they cannot find any information to make sure its identity. But in this situation, if we add a signature to the email, our email won’t be classified into junk emails.


As we all know signature is the words located at the bottom of the e-mail, which is about the sender’s information. A complete signature usually contains sender’s name, company as well as contacts. We should not ignore a signature’s significance. Not only does it stand for sender’s own image, but also it reflects the public image of sender’s company. In one word, owning a signature in your email is absolutely vital.

Now let’s learn how to create a signature in Outlook. Actually it is very simple.

Locate and click on MS Outlook’s “File” Option. And open the “Option” menu. In this “Option” pop-up window, you should choose the “Mail” option. Then click the “Signatures…” button. Next click the “New” button to create a new signature and type a name for this signature. In addition, you can create one or more signature as you prefer to. For instance, if you have three accounts in your profile, you can create three signatures.

In the frame of “Choose default signature”, you can assign the signatures to the corresponding e-mail accounts. In the blank box of “Edit signature”, you can edit your signature and set your preferred fonts style. And even you can insert an image and a link into the signature. Finally, just click “Ok” button to save the settings. Now as long as create a new email, you will see your signature at the bottom of the email.

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