Why Not Create a Shortcut to Reply Message with Template?

If you’re often required to reply specific messages with reduplicative text, you can create a relevant shortcut so as to improve efficiency.

Many people have encountered a situation that they need to reply some selected emails using the specified text. When required, they will open the document which contains the ruled text, copy the text and paste it to the message content. Someone may attempt to create a signature or a textual quick part so that they can insert it quickly. Actually in contrast, creating a shortcut to reply with a message template, namely the repetitive text, is much efficient. With the shortcut, we will even have no needs to click “Replay” button.

Here is a quick guide to create this amazing shortcut. Just follow the below steps.

Create a Shortcut to Reply with Message Template

  1. At the very outset, locate the “Quick Steps” section in Outlook “Home” ribbon. Then click “Create New” button to create a new quick step. If you can’t find it, click the extension icon to open “Manage Quick Steps” window, in which you can click the “New” button as well.
  2. Then in the subsequent dialog of “Edit Quick Steps”, you can enter a name for it. And in the “Action” field”, click the down narrow to open a drop-down list, from which you should find and select “Reply” item.Edit Quick Step
  3. After choosing “Reply”, “Show Options” link will arise. You would be required to click it so as to make a further specification.
  4. Next you can see many options, including subject, flag, importance as well as text. Thus you can enter specific message template as per your preference. As for the “To” field, it is not essential to fill. Outlook is capable of adding the address of the original senders when using the quick step.Show Reply Options
  5. Later after finishing the specification, you can create a shortcut key for this quick step. We can select a preferred shortcut key, such as “Ctrl + Shift + 5”. Moreover, you are allowed to specify a tooltip text, which refers to the shown text when the mouse hovers over the quick step.Choose a Shortcut key
  6. Finally click “Finish” to activate the shortcut key.

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