How to Create Personalized Letters or Emails in Batches via Mail Merge Feature in Word

You can utilize Mail Merge feature to quickly create mass mailings and letters with different information on each one. This article will mainly talk about how to do so.

Mail Merge is a powerful tool designed for sending a bulk of personalized letters or emails to many different people. Each letter or email can include both standard and customized content in it. In the meanwhile, you can imports data from another source, such as Excel. With mail merge feature, you can create and send out a bulk of email to specific people at once.

Use Mail Merge to Create Personalized Letters in Bulks

Mail merge allows you to create only a single document, which you can send to thousands of people with customized information.

For example, you have an Excel sheet containing information for customers like this:Excel sheet containing information for customers

And you want to create the following quote in Word for each customer.Create the quote in Word for each customer

Of course, you can input data to the quote one by one. However, it would be troublesome and time-wasting if there are a large number of customers. Therefore, we will show you how to create personalized customer quote in batches in this section.

  1. Head to the Word document, switch to “Mailings” page on the toolbar.
  2. Click “Select Recipient” drop down list, and then click “Use Existing List”.Click “Use Existing List”
  3. Word displays the “Select Data Source” dialogue box automatically, and then find the Excel document “Customers”. Finally, click “Open”.Find the Excel document “Customers”
  4. Another dialog box comes up, select “Customer” sheet in the list, where we placed the information of customers. And then click “OK”.Select “Customer” sheet in the list
  5. Move your cursor to the place in Word where you need to insert the corresponding data.
  6. Under “Mailings” tab, click on “Insert Merge Field”, in the “Write &Insert” Field group.Click on “Insert Merge Field”
  7. In the subsequent dialogue, select “Customer Name” under “Fields”, and then click “Insert”.Select “Customer Name” under “Fields”
  8. As we can see, Word has automatically inserts a field into the place that you have designated. Repeat the insert merge field process, until you finish the following table.Automatically inserts a field
  9. Under “Mailings” tab, click on “Finish &Merge” drop down list and then select “Edit Individual Document”.Select “Edit Individual Document”
  10. In the following window, make sure you select “All”, and then click “OK”.Make sure you select “All”
  11. Then, Word automatically creates a new document “Letter 1”, where the data for Alan in Excel has been extracted to Word. Keep on this process, Word will automatically fill in a bulk of recipient’s information in their own copy.Word automatically creates a new document “Letter 1”

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