How to Create a Master Document that Links to Multiple Subdocuments in Your Word

To better manage longer document, you can create a master document, which contains links to other subdocuments. Follow this article to learn how.

Sometimes, we need to develop a number of smaller documents, and then combine them together into a larger file. And a classic example is combining chapters in a novel. Previously, we have talked about a tricky way in How to Merge Multiple Word Documents into one”.

In this article, we will introduce how to create a master document, which can link to a set of other subdocuments. However, we do not insert the content in individual subdocuments  into the main document. As the master document contains only a couple of links to the subdocuments. Thus, this feature allows users to edit the subdocuments separately. And if you make any modifications  any of subdocuments, they will be incorporated into the master document automatically, and vice versa.

Create a Master Document with Links to Subdocuments

A master document will consist of a number of links to its subdocuments. And follow these links, you can open the subdocument to which the master document is linked.

  1. First of all, go to “View” tab on the ribbon.
  2. And then click on “Outline”, in the “Document Views” group.Click on “Outline"
  3. Click “Show Document” button, in the “Master Document” group. And then select “Insert”.Click “Show Document” button
  4. A dialog box comes up, and click to select the document file that needs to be inserted. And then click “Open”.Click to select the document file that needs to be inserted
  5. In the following window, which asks if you want to rename the style in the subdocument, click “No to all”.Click “No to all”
  6. In this way, the first subdocument has been successful inserted into the master document. To hide the content inside the subdocument, you can just double click at the folder, as the follow picture shows.Hide the content inside the subdocument
  7. Repeat the steps above, until you have added all the documents that you want to  insert.
  8. Switch back to “Print Layout” page, you can see that in the master document, we have incorporated all the subdocument  into it. Finally, you can save the file and close it.
  9. Open the master file again. Word displays only a link the corresponding subdocument. To follow the link, just press “Ctrl” and click on it, you will reach that subdocument.Press “Ctrl” and click on it
  10. Next, if you want to edit the subdocuments in the master document, just click on “Outline” again, and then click “Show Document” button.Click “Show Document” button
  11. Click on “Collapse Subdocuments”. Now you can edit the subdocuments here, and then save the changes if you want.Click on “Collapse Subdocuments”

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