How to Create a Hyperlink to a Specific Part in the Same Word Document

By adding hyperlinks within your Word document, you can give your readers instant access to the information mentioned in another part of the same document, without the need to repeat the same information on different pages.

When it comes to hyperlinks, most people would think of connecting two web pages together. However, that’s not all a hyperlink can do. With a little tweaking, you can also set up hyperlinks to point to a specific part on the same document. You can link to pictures, headers, graphics or other elements in your document. Now, when you refer to something elsewhere in the same document, you can jump from one part of a document to another part. That way, we won’t have to scroll around to find the specific section, nor do we need to insert the repeated information.

Create a Hyperlink to a Certain Part of Your Document

For example, at certain point of a long document, you may refer to a picture that has been placed in another place. To avoid inserting repeated pictures, you can create a link that points to this picture. The detailed steps are shown as below.

  1. Click to select the picture to which you want to jump.
  2. Switch to “Insert” tab, and then click “Bookmark” button.Click “Bookmark” button
  1. In the following pop up window, enter the name in the “Bookmark name” box. For example, we type “Interface”. And then click “OK”. That way, you have successfully marked the hyperlink destination with a bookmark.  Enter the name in the “Bookmark name” box
  1. Select the texts you want to jump from, for instance, we select “the interface”. Click “Insert” tab, and then click “Hyperlinks”. Click “Hyperlinks”
  1. A dialog box comes up, select “Place in This Document” on the left hand of the window, and then scroll down the list to find “Interface” under “Bookmark”. Finally, click “OK”.Find “Interface” under “Bookmark”
  2. Upon doing so, we notice that the texts “the interface” changes to hyperlinks. And if you want to jump to the “Interface” picture, just press “Ctrl” and click to follow the link. Press “Ctrl” and click to follow the link

In this section, we have so far mentioned how to jump from texts to certain picture. And if you want to link to some texts or graphics, the above steps also works.

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