How to Create a Contact Group from Recipient List

Did you receive an email, which contains many recipients in “To” field? This article aims to teach you how to quickly create a contact group including all of these recipients.

It is known that when filling in “To”, “CC” or “BC” field, we are allowed to add countless email addresses. Therefore, we may receive this kind of emails which consist of many recipients as well. Sometimes, we would be required to send a new email to the same group of contacts. If we copy these contacts to the new email directly, it will waste too much time. Moreover, next time we still need to copy and paste. Evidently, it is not beneficial to our work efficiency. Thus it is a better choice to create a contact group from recipient list.

Create a Contact Group from Recipient List in Outlook 2010 and Later

  1. For a start, you should click the email to open it. Or you can open the email directly in Reading Pane.
  2. Then locate the “To” field. And click on one of these recipients. Right click it and choose “Select All” option from the popup context menu.Select All
  3. After selecting all the email addresses. You would be required to use a hotkey, namely “Ctrl + C” to copy all of them. In alternative manner, you can right click and select “Copy” option from the context menu.Copy All the Email Addresses
  4. Next you should switch to Outlook Contacts page, and click “New Contact Group” button under “Home” tab.
    Create a New Contact Group
  5. In the subsequent window, you should click “Add Members” button and select “Outlook Address Book” from the drop-down list.Add Members From Address Book
  6. Another dialog box will pop up, in which you need to click on the blank field next to “Member ->” button. Press another hotkey, “Ctrl + V”, to paste the copied email addresses.Paste Copied Email Addresses in Blank Field Next to “Member ->” Button
  7. Finally click “OK” button to save the contact Group.

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