How to Create a Catalog in Your Excel via Hyperlinks

Due to the ability of processing thousands of data, Excel has become the first choice of most of the companies. Thus, today we have the Excel tips of creating a catalog by inserting hyperlinks into a worksheet.

In your work, you are likely to meet with many worksheets with the same attributes. For instance, here is an Excel file about student scores of different classes.A File of Student Scores

And there are many worksheets. So you can try adding a new worksheet and insert hyperlinks into it. Thus, you establish a catalog and can fast locate the target worksheet.

Establish a Catalog of Inserting Hyperlink

  1. Insert a new worksheet and rename it.
  2. And then input the worksheet name into the first sheet.Input the Name of Worksheet
  3. Then select the cell A1.
  4. Right click. And then you will see a new menu.
  5. Select the option of “Hyperlink”.Select Hyperlink
  6. And in the new pop-up window, click the button of “Place in This Document”.
  7. And then select the “Class 1” in the “Cell Reference”.Insert Hyperlink in this Document
  8. Click “OK”. And you will find that the format of the “Class 1” changes. This means that the hyperlink has been inserted into the cell.
  9. Repeat the step 3-8. And for each cell, you should choose the corresponding name.

After all the steps, you will see this result.Finish Inserting Hyperlink

Now click the class name and you will jump to the worksheet immediately. And with this function, you can easily arrange multiple worksheets.

Hyperlinks to External Files

In addition, hyperlinks can also link to external files. And in this folder, you can see that every class has an independent file for scores.Many Independent Worksheets

Still you can set a catalog in another file.

  1. Create a new Excel file.
  2. Input the class names into the files.
  3. Right click the cell A1.
  4. And click the option “Hyperlink”. This step is the same as step 5 in the previous part.
  5. Then choose the “Existing File or Web Page” in the “Link to” area.
  6. In the text box, select the target path where the other files are in.
  7. And in the “Current Folder”, choose “Class 1”.Insert to External Files
  8. Click “OK”. And then you will also see that the format of the cell changes.
  9. Repeat the above steps and each cell will link to other files. This kind of hyperlink can also help you arrange the independent files.

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