How to Create and Cancel Meetings in Outlook

Nowadays, we prefer to use MS Outlook to manage a massive number of emails and schedules. Actually, we can create meeting and cancel it in Outlook as well.

Have you ever missed any important meeting? Have you ever tried to inform others of any important meetings? Or have you ever tried to cancel a meeting but could not informed everyone? Sometimes, when we need to invite others to attend a meeting, we always inform them face to face or by telephone. In fact, there is a better method to send a meeting invitation by Outlook.


Create Meeting in Outlook

In the “home” page, locate the “New items” option and click it. Then select the “Meeting” option. As you can see, in the popup window, you can write all information about the meeting.

Firstly, you would be required to write in the recipients’ email addresses. You can also quickly select out the target contacts by clicking “To…” button. And in “subject”, you can write down the concrete meeting content. In addition, you can indicate the meeting place in “Location”. Of course, you should inform others of how long it will take. You can set an approximate start time and end time. If this meeting will be held for a whole day, you can just tick the “All day event” option. Finally write down the formal meeting notice and click “Send”.

This meeting invitation will be sent to target recipients successfully. As long as they open Outlook, they will find an email about the meeting in their inbox

Cancel Meeting in Outlook

Sometimes, due to variety of reasons, we need to cancel a meeting. Now it is time for us to inform others of the meeting cancellation. In MS Outlook, it is really easy and convenient.

Firstly, open “Sent Items”, in which you will see the sent meeting invitation. Then double click it. Next click “Calendar” option to find meeting schedule in calendar. You can locate and pitch on the meeting schedule in calendar. Later a right click can show you many options, and the last one is “Cancel Meeting”. Select it and click “Send Cancellation”. Now everybody that has received invitation will also get cancellation.

As we all know, MS Outlook has many capabilities. We usually use it as an email client. Actually, if we make full use of its various functions, we will certainly fall in love with it. Certainly Outlook is also vulnerable to virus infection, hardware malfunction and software incorrect upgrade, etc. Once we are confronted with this situation, the best and fastest way is to use third party software, such as DataNumen Outlook Repair to make outlook recovery come true. It will minimize the corruption and loss of data.

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