How to Count the Work Days by NETWORKDAYS Function in Excel

Nowadays, Excel is people’s first choice of office software. And Excel is used to finish many different and difficult tasks. And the NETWORKDAYS function can also play a significant role in calculating the work days.

Suppose you are a HR in a company, you need to calculate the work days of every staff. According to the work days you can check their work attendance. And if you note down their attendance day by day, it will be time consuming. So here you can try the NETWORKDAYS function to help you.

An Example of Work Days

In this image, you can see three people’s attendance in the first season of the year.A Sample of Work Days

In the first season, each employee has different holiday. So their work days are also different. And for each employee, the NETWORKDAYS function can calculate all of their work days.

John’s Work Days

In the first season, he didn’t have any holiday. So his NETWORKDAYS formula is: =NETWORKDAYS(“1/1/2016″,”3/31/2016”).

  1. Input the formula in the cell “E2”. Because the date are all in the excel cells, this formula can also be this: =NETWORKDAYS(B2,C2). On the other hand, the formula can also be in this form: =NETWORKDAYS(B2,B2+90). Because there are 91 days in the first season.
  2. And then press “Enter”. Then the result will appear.Input John Formula

Bob’s Work Days

Bob has one day holiday. And of course the number of his work days is 64. But here the NETWORKDAYS can also finish this goal.

  1. Input the formula in “E3”: =NETWORKDAYS(B3,C3,D3). In the formula, the cells name can also use the date to replace, but using cells name is much clearer.
  2. Press the key “Enter”. And then you can see the number of 64.Input Bob Formula

Sophia’s Work Days

Sophia has two days holiday, and the formula of NETWORKDAYS should also have a little adjustment.

  1. Input the formula into cell “E4”: =NETWORKDAYS(B4,C4,D4:D5). Because there are two days holiday, the holiday is an area in the formula.
  2. Press the key “Enter”. And then the result will show in the cell.Input Sophia Formula

And in your real work, there will be many different conditions. And you should adjust the formula index according to actual demand.

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