How to Copy Tables from Word to Excel

When you copy a Word table into an Excel worksheet, a single Word table cell that contains some return characters will be placed in multiple Excel cells, this article will talk about how to deal with this problem.

As Excel is great at performing complex calculations, you may want to import some Word tables into an Excel worksheet. By copying table from Word directly into Excel, you can avoid the need of retyping the data. However, problem may arise if a Word table includes some line or paragraph breaks. Because when you move a table from Word to Excel, these data in each Word table cell will be pasted in individual cells on Excel worksheet, thus causing the table to display incorrectly in Excel. If you want to copy the table and at the same time keep the breaks, you can follow the method below.

Copy a Simple Word Table into Excel

For a simple Word table, you can copy it directly to excel without the need of extra adjustment. To do it, follow these two steps:

  1. In the Word document, select the table that you want to copy to an Excel. Right click and select “Copy” or you can press the shortcut key “Ctrl + C”.Right click and select “Copy”
  1. Go to Excel worksheet, right click at the cell and select “Paste”. Or you can press the shortcut key “Ctrl + V”.Right click at the cell and select “Paste”

Copy a Word Table with Line Breaks into Excel

Another situation is that you may have some line breaks in a table cell in Word, such that when you move a table to Excel worksheet, the data in a Word table cell will be pasted in different cells on Excel. This section specifies how to deal with that.

  1. Below is an example of how a Word table with line breaks might look. Before copying the table to Excel, first click on “Replace”. Click on “Replace”
  1. In the following dialogue box, input “^p” in the “Find what” box, and input nothing in the “Replace with” box. Finally, click “Replace All”. Click “Replace All”
  1. Copy the table in Word, and then go to Excel worksheets and paste it here. Then, find the cell that need to keep a break, press “Alter + Enter” to separate them. In this way, we can copy a table to Excel without discarding the breaks.Press “Alter + Enter” to separate them

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