Contacts fail to show up in the Outlook Address Book – Quick Solution

The Ms Outlook pocket-address-booksclient is know for its well thought out features that make it the most apt tool for working with emails. Using its Address book you can just add any email ID that is stored in your contacts by typing the initial characters and the ID shows up in the drop down list for you to select. This saves you from the hassle of finding and copying email IDs every time you wish to send an email. Moreover besides your contacts, you can even pull up emails IDs from your personal address books in some iterations of the Outlook client. While this feature works flawlessly on most occasions, in some rare cases the emails IDs may not show up as you type the characters in the “To” field. This typically occurs when the Contacts folder gets delinked from the Address to book service.


Checking the link between the Contacts folders and the Outlook Address Book Service

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and head to Tools
  2. Scroll down and click on Email Accounts
  3. In the E-mail Account screen that shows up select the option which mentions View or Change the existing directories or the address book.
  4. In the next screen you should be able to view Outlook Address Book added in the list. Now click on Change
  5. Under the Microsoft Office Address Book screen you should find the folder “Contacts: Personal folder”
  6. If it has been added, which is the most likely case, and still email IDs are not showing up in the “To” field, you go the contacts folded
  7. On the Contacts folder, right click on it and head to Properties and then move to the Outlook Address Book tab.
  8. Next you need to select the option which states that the folder be shown as an email address book

Once you have made the settings, the contact email IDs should show up as normal.


An Outlook crash can sweep away your Contacts

Some Outlook users tend to believe that only emails are affected in an Outlook crash and all other elements including contacts are not affected. This is not true in case of an Outlook crash resulting from a corruption of the PST data file as it can mess up everything stored in the Outlook application. So in the event of an Outlook crash you should get hold of a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair without delay. A great part about this versatile tool is its capacity to get back everything that you have created in Outlook, say folders, templates or contacts, in perfect shape. Moreover it is not hassled by the size of the PST file or the storage media where it is located. In the event that your PST files got moved during a transfer process, the tool can also be used to trace its location.


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