Common tips to Improve Productivity in Ms Outlook Email Client

In this article we would look at some easy steps that are designed to help you improve productivity in Ms Outlook without much effort.

Common tips to Improve Productivity in Ms Outlook Email Client
Do you use Microsoft Outlook and face a bit of hassle operating it just because there is no one to guide you? Then, worry no more, as we are here to enlighten you with a bunch of common and useful tips to improve your productivity in MS Outlook. In short, you can become more adept at using the Ms Outlook email client if you understand the tips mentioned in this article. These tips work equally good in almost all the versions of Outlook, be it Outlook 2007, 2010 or 2013. Now, have a look at these tips one by one:
1. Junk Emails: This is perhaps, one of the key tips to restrict spam and also save your device from getting infected by malicious viruses while working on Outlook. Use this feature and block all the unwanted email messages from getting jammed in your inbox. Just click on the Home tab and choose the option of Junk from the Dropdown Menu. Then, specify your requirement and a list of senders, whose mails you wish to throw in the Junk or Spam Folder. Once you are able to block junk emails from landing in your mailbox, you would end up saving a lot of your time which you would have wasted in manually deleting spam emails.

2. Quick Parts: Spare more time for other important tasks by using Quick Parts in Outlook. Use this feature to quickly insert common passage of texts that you are required to use frequently in almost all your email messages. Just by highlighting the text from the Compose Window and clicking on the Quick Parts Dropdown Menu that comes once you choose the Insert Option will do it for you.

3. Create Rules: If you are smart enough, then by creating rules in Outlook, you can save a lot of time. Just go to the dropdown menu of Rules and choose the Move section under Home Tab to create rules. By creating rules you allow Outlook to automatically move your particular messages to a specific folder. You are free to create rules in respect to senders, recipients or date.
4. Time Zones: For those of you who have to travel a lot for official reasons, this is a useful tip. You can actually set your own local time zone and get saved from the difficulty of searching messages and appointments in Outlook due to wrong local time indicated. For this, you need to go to the File Option and choose the Calendar Option under it and customize it. Moreover, you can even configure an alternate time zone to keep track of your time when you return to your home place by choosing the option to Swap Time Zones.
To conclude, we can say that all the tips mentioned in this article will not only make your working on Outlook easier but also quicker.
The Best Productivity tip for Ms Outlook is a light Inbox
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