Common Problems Associated with PST Files

Many MS Outlook users have reported outlook-errora number of problems that they encounter during the use of the application. While some of these problems are unique to the users, several problems are quite common. These are often attributed to the pst file size, failure to open files, accidental deletion, damaged partitions, formatted partitions and more.

So, what are some of these problems and what can you do to contain them?

  • Performance Problems caused by Large PST Files – When your pst file size exceeds the recommended size, you will experience a number of problems such as deteriorated performance of the applications, difficulty in sending or receiving messages, inability to access stored information or even crush of the PST file.
  • Loss of all or part of pst files – Because pst files are stored locally in your computer, they are prone to be corrupted due to malfunction associated with malicious files that might invade your PC. Just like other computer files, there is a high risk of this local storage with some cases resulting in complete loss of data stored in a pst file.
  • Unable to open pst file – You could be very much disappointed when you try to open a pst file to access some critical data only to realize that you cannot access it. In as much as there are a number of possible reasons that could lead to such a scenario, one of the main reasons why this happens is due to a problem with the pst file index. When the pst file index is broken, it becomes impossible to open the pst file and read from it.
  • Inaccessible folder – There are times when you could try to open a pst file only to get a message that the folder cannot be displayed. This error is normally experienced when the pst file is corrupted and thus needs repair work done on it.
  • Incompatibility with other applications – While this is not considered an MS Outlook internal problem, it is an issue often raised by many users. Even though pst files are widely used due to the expansive use of MS Outlook, only a few developers have taken interest in creating applications to open pst files.

Due to these many problems, it is imperative to have an effective pst repair tool. Your choice MS Outlook repair tool should be one that offers dependable solutions. This should be such that all the lost or corrupted data or information is brought back to its original condition in order to facilitate the proper use of the application. Out of the many tools available in the market, DataNumen Outlook Repair has been singled out as an MS Outlook repair tool developed robustly to help users recover the MS Outlook mailbox, calendar, schedules, notes, contacts and more.


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