Choosing your Default application to Open Zip files

Today when you look at some of the different applications that are available for creating zip files, you sure can be spoilt for choice. From the old favorite WinZip to the open source 7zip and host of others thrown in the lot, you may at times have multiple programs present in your system to open a zip file. So at times your .zip file extension may have got associated with a specific application and from then onwards when you click on any zip file, the same application opens up as default. Now if you are looking to associate the .zip file extension to an application of your choice then just follow the steps listed below to achieve the same.

Setting your Default Application for opening .zip files

The steps for setting the default application varies as per your operating system

Windows 7

If you have a Windows 7 machine you need to click on the Start button then click on the Default Program option that comes across in the right side of the start menu. In the screen that opens up, you need to click on the option that mentions “Associate a file type or protocol with a program” and on the next screen just move down to the .zip extension. Once you have selected the extension, choose the Change Program option and in the next dialog box that comes up, select your favorite program say 7zip or WinZip and press Ok.



Window 8

In case you have a Windows 8 machine all you need to do is launch the Start Menu screen and type in Default. Then choose the Associate file type option, move down to the .zip extension and use Change Program to associate your favorite zip application with it.

Win XP

In Win XP, all you need to do is reach for the folder options in any folder window (preferably My Computer) and click on File Types Tab. Now reach down to the Registered file types and find and select the .zip option. Once you have selected the .zip extension click on Change option which appears in the Details and next choose the program your choice from the Programs area.


What if a zip file does not open in the default application?

At times you may come across a zip file that does not open in your default zip application. In such a scenario you should use any other zip tool to open the zip file. In case the file still fails to open or if you receive any error message that mentions that the zip file is corrupt then you need to get hold of a sophisticated zip repair tool which can recover the contents of your zip file with ease. Amongst the several available today, DataNumen Zip Repair comes on top on account of its extensive feature set and stellar performance in recovering data from extensively damaged zip archives. The fact that it can deal with CRC errors and even extract data from large corrupt zip files, makes it the preferred choice for most professionals.

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