Choosing the correct database for your small business – A quick primer

For small business opting to choose a database can be a challenge. In this article we offer pointers at how they can go about the selection process and also throw light on SQL Server Express edition.

SQL Server ExpressIt is no wonder that these days many small businesses are flourishing by using DBMS or Database Management Systems. If you wish to replicate the success you need to understand the kind of database platform you need to use for your particular business. Yes, with the growing technology, you will get to see a number of databases options being showcased by different vendors. This choice is often based on the latest trends, the user’s knowledge and price. No matter, whatsoever your reason for choosing a database be; your main goal should be promoting your small business. In this article, we will discuss how to choose the correct database for your small business.

For Home Office Setups and Micro Businesses

A cool option for those looking for a smart database for their small business is the Microsoft Access Database. Comprising of reports, forms, queries and programming logic, MS Access comes with all the basic desktop security to work really fast on your system to perform a number of professional tasks. The best benefit of using MS Access is that it not only helps in time management while solve business issues but also helps in increasing business productivity while maintaining the low costs. In fact, MS Access is just ideal for low cost small businesses, where the main issues are of security, reliability, scalability, management and maintainability.

For Small Business which are growing or plan to grow

It has been observed that most of the time people choose a database that is easy to access and use, so that not much time gets wasted in understanding the functioning of the database. Some of the key points that must be considered while choosing a DBMS for your business is the ease in implementing the solution; secondly, the cost of acquiring the development platform and running it; and lastly, the ease in finding the resource content for support. When we look at all these, the SQL Server express edition comes into mind. It is free for small businesses with certain limitations like database size. It is full relational database system which can be scaled up as compared to Access and is rather stable.

For Small Business with special programming needs

If you are in tech space or a startup looking to innovate, you may need to play with your database solution. In such cases opting for the SQL Server developer edition may be a good choice. There is no doubt that Microsoft has emerged as the leading developer of programs for computers since two decades. The SQL Server database is a powerful program of Microsoft that is also available in a free 90 days or 180 days trial. Once you open the Microsoft SQL Server Dev Center, it will hardly take a minute to get a 64 bit version of this amazing SQL program downloaded on your system. This is not all; in the 5 step procedure to download Microsoft SQL Database, you will be given full assistance through forums and Twitter. Easy to use and access, this database is also pocket friendly and reliable.

SQL Crashes can occur at any moment on a Ms SQL Server database

The SQL Server database stands amongst the league of the very best in RDBMS platforms in vogue today. Yet SQL crashes are a part of life for database administrators who keep making frequent backups to protect their data. While backups have their place, SQL Server users should also consider a sql server recovery application like DataNumen SQL Recovery tool to make complex repairs and bring back accidentally deleted records. This tool is capable of handling checksum errors and offers command line parameters for tech specialists to perform quick operations.

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