Choose SQL Server over the Ms Access Database if your Business is spreading across different locations

Any company MySQL-vs-MS-SQL-Serverthat witnesses growth needs to align its IT resources to meet the new business requirements. Now if your company has started to grow and is spreading across different locations, sticking on to the Ms Access database is not a wise choice. Let’s explore this with an example. An independent store was running its line of business application on an Access database with relative ease. Now when it starts operations across multiple cities, it needs the application to store data on the same Access server. After a period of time, with multiple people connecting to the database from different places, the response time of the database starts to slow down. Moreover deadlocks start to occur and even worse a single database crash can compromise all the data for all stores in one go. In contrast had the store used an SQL Server, it operations would have been going on smoothly. Let’s look at why the SQL Server makes sense in such cases above the Access database.


SQL Server can handle a large number of concurrent users without hassles

The SQL Server database is designed for enterprises while the Access database is best limited for local office use. The number of simultaneous users that SQL Server can handle is way over anything that an Access database can match. Moreover resource management is way more efficient in SQL Server than in MS Access.


SQL Server is More Robust than Access

The Access database stores all its data in a single MDB file which makes it very easy to buckle under pressure. Backup and availability features are either limited or simply not adequate to handle a large amount of data. In contrast in SQL Server you have the feature of Always On availability groups which ensures a drastic reduction of downtime and business continuity even if a particular SQL Server instance experiences a crash.


SQL Server Express takes away the cost benefit of Access

Some companies are averse to move up to the SQL Server application due to an apprehension that it would cost them a fortune. In reality there are several versions of SQL Server available today and you are likely to find a license that meets your business needs without blowing up a pile of cash. In fact the SQL Server Express edition is available for free for small companies looking upgrade to a top end relational database.


While the SQL Server is a great product – it still has flaws

There is hardly a shred of doubt that the MS SQL Server is an avant-garde product that is at the same time easy to use and rich in features. However it still has some flaws and is prone to a variety of logical errors. Now in case you encounter SQL crash, it not enough to rely on its backup and recovery mechanism to get back your data. You should keep a versatile  sql recovery tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery handy to tackle a worst case scenario. This powerful program can pry out data from a compromised SQL file within minutes and is not challenged by either its size or the storage media where the file is present.


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