Checkout the new look and feel changes in Outlook 2016

In this article we explore the key look and feel changes that have been showcased in Outlook 2016

Checkout the new look and feel changes in Outlook 2016

Almost everything will be like new in MS Outlook 2016 and so will it’s look and appearance too. The boring looking black and white theme of Outlook 2013 will soon be outdated in front of the colorful themes of Outlook 2016. As a part of the strategy, Microsoft has introduced not just a bucket full of new and improved features in Outlook 2016 but the colorful themes too. Read on and checkout the new look and feel changes yourself in Outlook 2016 Version that is soon to be released in the market.

Whether you agree or not, if you have been using Outlook 2013, you might have felt bored of its dark themes. In fact, the themes that were there in the 2013 version got many negative feedbacks from users around the world. So, keeping this fact in mind, the experts at Microsoft introduced an all new Default Colorful Theme along with a new Ribbon in Outlook 2016 version. This is not all; there are different accent colors for different Office applications matching the respective icon colors.

In case, you were in love with the themes and color scheme available in Outlook 2013, then also there is nothing to worry about, as the older themes are still maintained in Outlook 2016. Users can still use the White Theme, which is still present in the latest Outlook version. Moreover, the Dark Gray Theme has gone darker this time in order to match the Dark or Black Theme Areas in Outlook that best suits the popular designing software like AutoCAD and Photoshop.

Now, let us throw some light on the most important part and that is the way to change the themes in Outlook 2016. For this, you first need to open the File Tab and then proceed towards the Office Account and follow the instructions provided there with the different options. Users must bear in mind that some minor UI changes have also been incorporated in the Ribbon of Outlook 2016.

One of the changes in the Ribbon is that the Outlook icon will now be missing from the top left corner of the screen. Moreover, the first icon that you will see will be that of the Send or Receive Icon or any QAT or Quick Access Toolbar that you have set to appear as the first icon. Apart from this, the question mark icon too has been removed for help and it has now been replaced by a smart Light Bulb icon for any query related Outlook. This is not all; you will not see the tab headers anymore in the CAPS.

So, to sum it up, it can be easily stated that the wait for Outlook 2016 is worth it especially for the amazing features like the Colorful Theme and Ribbon Feature that were missing till now in the earlier versions of Outlook. Choice is yours now, whether to fill your computer screen with colors or remain dull and boring.

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