Checking Spelling while Composing an email in Outlook – A Primer

In this article we would look at enabling spell checks for emails before they are sent through via Outlook

Checking Spelling while Composing an email in Outlook - A Primer

Isn’t a good idea to always check the spelling of the email message you compose so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed later on due to spelling mistakes? Perhaps, this is the reason that Microsoft acted smartly and added the Spell Check Feature in Outlook. Saving you from committing spelling mistakes, this feature helps saving your professional image that otherwise might look unprofessional with spelling mistakes. Read on to learn how to check spelling while composing an email in MS Outlook with utmost ease.

Whether you know it or not, but Outlook by default checks for all the spelling errors when you type while composing a message by underlining in red the misspelled words or phrases. This in fact, makes it very easy for the user to at once to check the spelling and correct them right away without an error. All you need to correct the spellings is just a right click on the misspelled word and choose the correct spelling of the word from a menu that appears just after the right click. Another way of checking the spelling is to go to the Message Window and select the Review Tab from the Ribbon. Then, click on the Option of Spelling & Grammar under the Proofing Group. The best shortcut to do the same is to press F7.

For people who wish to check the spelling of each and every composed message before sending, Outlook does allow to do an Automatic Spell Check. For this you need to first go to the File Tab and then click on Options and choose the Mail Option. After this you will require to select the check box mentioning Always Check Spelling Before Sending under Compose Messages Option. In case, you wish to disable Automatic Spell Check at any moment of time, you can just uncheck the box with Always Check Spelling Before Sending Option.

Now, let us acquaint you with some of the Spelling Options that you will come across while working with the Spell Check Feature of Outlook. There are in all three spelling options including, Ignore Once, Ignore All and Add to Dictionary. By choosing Ignore Once, you accept the spelling in its misspelled form and continue with the next spelling error. While with Ignore All you ignore all the spelling errors and continue to compose the message while ignoring all the occurrences of the same spelling mistake. With Add to Dictionary Option you add the word to the dictionary if it is not listed in the Microsoft Office Dictionary.

Microsoft has included this feature of Spell Check in all its Outlook versions ranging from the 2003 version to the 2013 iteration. However, the best thing about Outlook 2013 version is that the Spell Check Feature enables you to even check the Subject Line of Tasks, Messages or Meeting Requests. Rest assured that you will leave a good professional impression on your clients through emails with all your spellings spelled right with the Spell Check Feature.

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