2 Steps to Check the Read Receipt Request of an Email without Sending the Receipt

Sometimes due to various inconvenience, you aren’t willing to send a read receipt. Virtually Outlook permits you to check if an email has a read receipt request without sending the receipt.

I often receive the messages which request read receipts. Actually in most situations, I am willing to send a read receipt back. However, sometimes it is not convenient to send it. For example, I receive this kind of email on my vacation. I wouldn’t like to send the read receipt at that time. Thus I hope there is a method to verify if there is a read receipt request or not in advance.

Step 1: Add “Receipt Requested” in Column

  1. To begin with, you should change the original view to “Single” view. Head to “View” tab, click “Change View” button and select “Single”.Change to Single View
  2. Then click “View Settings” button next to “Change View” button.
  3. In the new dialog of “View settings” dialog, click “Columns” button.
  4. And in the subsequent dialog box, click the down arrow in “Select available columns from” and select “All Mail fields” from its dropdown list,Add “Receipt Requested” in Column
  5. Next in the left box of “Available columns”, select “Receipt Requested”.
  6. Utilize “Move Up” button to position “Receipt Requested” between “Subject” and “Received”.
  7. Finally click “OK” to back to “View settings” dialog.

Step 2: Format “Receipt Requested” Column

  1. Still in “View Settings” dialog, click “Format Columns” button.
  2. Then in the popup dialog, choose “Receipt Requested” from the Available fields list.Format “Receipt Requested” Column
  3. Next on the right side, select “icon” from “Format” dropdown list.
  4. Eventually click a series of “OK” to return to Outlook home page.

After completing the 2 main steps introduced above, you can absolutely see “Receipt requested” above the header of email list. If the email requests a read receipt, the checkbox next to the subject must be marked.Check the Read Receipt Request

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