How to Change the Orientation of Selected Pages in Your Word

Occasionally, you may want to insert a page that may look better in a different orientation. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to apply different page orientation to the selected page only.

Have you ever attempted to insert a horizontal page into a Word document with portrait orientation? Or vice versa? As you may have to display a wide table or a large picture in your document, which would be “scrunched” if you attempt to place them in portrait orientation pages? Within these particular word documents, changing the orientation of your page can be very helpful.  And this article will show you the following tricky way for inserting pages with different orientation.

Change the Orientation of the Selected Page

For understanding this way better, I will use an example to show that in a Word document that uses portrait orientation, how you can change the orientation of page 5 to be landscape.

  1. Place your cursor at page 4, where the next page would be landscape orientation.
  2. Switch to “Page Layout” tab, and click on the “Margins” drop-down arrow. Lastly, click “Custom Margins”.Click “Custom Margins”
  1. Word displays the “Margins” tab of the “Page Setup” dialog box. Then, click “Landscape” under “Orientation”, and select “This point forward” in the “Apply to” box. Finally, click “OK.” That way, we have successfully set the document from page 5 to be landscape orientation.Click “Landscape” under “Orientation”
  1. Position your cursor at page 5, where the next page would be portrait orientation.
  2. And then follow the same steps as step 2 and step 3. And the only difference is that we select “Portrait” under “Orientation” in step 3.Select “Portrait” under “Orientation”

Now in a document with portrait orientation, we have applied landscape orientation to page 5. Of course, you can also apply it to any others pages that requires a different orientation.

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