How to Change the Default Journal Entry Type in Outlook

By default, when you create a new journal entry in Outlook, it will always start with “Phone Call” type. If you would like to change the starting entry type, this article will provide you an effective and handy workaround.

In reality, Outlook comes endowed with the regulation to begin with “Phone Call”. But if you indeed wish to change the default journal entry type, there is an easy workaround. That is to change the description of “Phone Call” in the Registry Editor. Now follow the steps below:

Change the Default Journal Entry Type

  1. At the very outset, exit Outlook properly.
  2. Then press “Start” button. In the “Start Menu”, you should search “regedit”.
  3. After seeing that the according program shows up, you should press “Enter” key button or click on the app to access Registry Editor.Search “regedit” in "Start Menu"

Note: Here a new dialog box of “User Account Control” will turn up. It aims to ask permission for Registry Editor to make changes to your computer. You need to opt for “Yes”.

  1. Next you will enter the main interface of “Registry Editor”. Now you would be required to find the registry keys: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” > “Software” > “Microsoft” > “Shared Tools” > “Outlook” > “Journaling”
  2. You should expand the “Journaling” key to locate the “Phone Call” subkey. Pitch on the “Phone Call” and turn to its right pane.
  3. You will discover the “Description ID” value. Right click it and select “Delete”.Delete the DescriptionID of Phone Call
  4. Later an alert of “Confirm Value Delete” will pop up. Just click on “Yes”.Confirm Value Delete
  5. After that, right click on the blank space and choose “New” > “String Value”. And name it as “Description”.Create a New String Value under Phone Call
  6. And then double click on the newly created value. In the popup dialog box, enter the name of your desired Journal entry type, such as “What I’ve Done Today?”Change the Journal Entry Type Name
  7. Optionally, you could change the value data of “Large Icon” and “Small Icon” to specify the icon of the changed journal entry type.Change the Icon
  8. Lastly click “OK” and close the Registry Editor.

Now you could restart Outlook and create a new journal entry by clicking “New Items” > “More Items” > “Journal Entry”. In the new journal entry window, you can see the default entry type is the one which you changed previously.Change the Default Journal Entry Type

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