How to Change or Customize Your Excel Themes Based on Your Preferences

If you are bored about the default setting interface in Excel, you can set Excel themes by yourself. After reading this passage, your Excel would have a new appearance.

If you frequently use Excel in your work, it’s time for you to make some change. One of the motivations of work is the freshness. Sometimes, a small change around you can give you the freshness. Thus, you can work better with this freshness. And in Excel, you cannot change the use mode, but you can change the theme of workbook according to your preference.

Themes in Excel

If you haven’t made any change, the interface of Excel is the default setting. But you can also use some other themes in Excel.

The image below is the default theme of Excel.Default Theme

  1. Click the “Page Layout” tab in the ribbon.
  2. Then click the button “Themes”. And you will see a new drop-down menu.Click Theme

In Excel, there are many built-in themes with different styles. And you can scroll down to see more.

  1. Click any of the theme, and then you will find that the style of color, font as well as effect. The font and style of the numbers all change. Besides, the color of the hyperlink also changes.The New Theme


Customize your own Theme

If you find that the built-in themes still cannot satisfy you, you can customize themes by yourself.

  1. Click the “Page Layout” tab in the ribbon.
  2. Then click the “Colors” in the ribbon.Create New Theme Colors
  3. In the list, there are many built-in colors in according with themes. And here you need to click “Create New Theme Color”.
  4. Then you can see a new window. Here you can change the color according to your preference.Set Theme Color
  5. And then click “OK”.
  6. Now click the “Colors” again in the ribbon. The customized color will appear in the list.The Custom Color
  7. Click the style and then the style in Excel will also change. In addition, if you don’t like this setting, you can also right click the custom color and edit or delete it.Edit or Delete Color
  8. Then, you can continue and set the fonts and effects. You can create new fonts just like the colors. However, you cannot customize the effects. But still you have many choices on the effects.Fonts and Effects
  9. After all the settings, now click the button “Themes”.Save Current Theme
  10. Click the option “Save Current Theme”.
  11. In the new window, you can see the default path where the new theme will be saved. You can also choose other path. And input the name of the theme into the “File name” text box.Save the Theme
  12. Then click “Save”.


Open your Customize Theme

If you want to use your own theme in other Excel, you can also open it.

  1. Click the button “Theme” in the ribbon.
  2. Then click “Browse for Themes”.Browse for Themes
  3. In the new window, input the path where you have saved the theme before.Open the Theme
  4. And now click the target theme.
  5. Then click “Open”. Thus, the theme will be applied in your current workbook.

Your Customized Theme will Lost in an Excel Disaster

If you suffer from an Excel disaster, the theme that you have earlier saved in your computer might also get corrupt. To make a remedy for those accidents, you can use our software to recover Excel. And you can rest assured that your theme and other data ban be retrieved.

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