How to Change the Case & Capitalization of Texts through Excel Functions

Apart from dealing with data, Excel is also able to deal with information. And now follow us and see how the three functions (UPPER, LOWER, PROPER) work.

Of course, in your worksheet, there will be a lot of information. And sometimes, for certain words, you should change their cases. besides, conditions also includes that the first letter of a word should be in uppercase. But if there are many words in your worksheet, it will be very inconvenient to change the form. So here you can use the three functions to realize your requirement: UPPER function, LOWER function as well as the PROPER function.

1.    UPPER Function

The UPPER function will change all the letters into upper cases. And in the image below, there are several words in the form of lowercase.A List of Lowercase Words

And now you need to change them into upper cases.

  1. First select the cell “B1”.
  2. Then input the formula into the cell:


  1. Then press “Enter” on the keyboard. And then the uppercase form of apple will appear in the B1 cell.The Uppercase of Apple
  2. And put the mouse on the bottom right corner and double click. And now all the letters will be in the form of uppercase.Uppercase of Every Letter

2.    LOWER Function

And as for change from uppercase into lowercase, here you should use the LOWER function.

  1. Select the cell C1.
  2. Then input the formula into the cell:


  1. Then press “Enter”. And then the letters change into lowercase.
  2. And follow the step 4 in the previous part.Lowercase of Every Letter

3.    PROPER Function

The PROPER function changes the first letter of the words into uppercase. And it is usually applied in names because the first letter of name should be capitalization.

  1. Input the name in the form of lowercase.Input the Names
  2. Then click the B1 cell.
  3. And input the formula into this cell:


  1. Then press “Enter”. And then the form of the first letter will change.
  2. And then follow the step 4 in the first part and you will get the result.Change Name Uppercase

4.    How to Convert Formula into Text

All the new words are in the form of formula, and you need to change them into text.

  1. First, select the area where you want to change into text.
  2. Then press shortcut key “Ctrl + C”.Copy the Name in Formula
  3. Then right click the cell C1.
  4. And in the new menu, select “Values” in the “Paste Option”.Select Value

And you will see that all the names are in the form of text. Thus, you can freely delete the first two columns.The Form in Text

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