How to CC Emails to Specific Persons Automatically

Are you often required to CC emails to specific persons? Here is way to have it done automatically so that we needn’t add addresses manually.

As we all know, so-called “CC emails” is to send a copy message to other people. Every email clients are equipped with this function. But it seems that a few persons are using this function. Someone even doesn’t know it at all. Actually making flexible use of it can benefit us a lot. For instance, if I write an email to one person, and meanwhile CC to another person. I am seemingly creating connections between the two persons, such that either one can reply to both me and another in the meantime. Obviously, to CC Emails provides us with much convenience.CC Emails to

Maybe now you’ve comprehended CC’s strengths. But if you still enter email addresses manually, no matter typing by yourself or searching address book by clicking “CC” button, you will be ridiculed. As a matter of fact, if we often CC selected emails to specific person, there is a good approach to have this process done automatically. It can be realized by creating a rule with an effortless ease. Provided you are interested in this method, you can follow the steps below.

Create a Rule to CC Emails to Specific Persons Automatically

  1. For a start we should locate and click the “Rule” icon in “Home” ribbon. And select “Rules & Alerts” item in the drop-down list.Create a rule
  2. A new interface will open up. In “Email Rules” Tab, click “New Rules” button. Another window will crop up, named as “Rules Wizard”.
  3. Then we should select “Apply rule on messages I send” in Step 1.
  4. After selecting template, we would be required to select corresponding conditions, aiming to restrict which emails to be CC-ed. For example, we can select “Sent to people or public group”. Next click “people or public group” to make a further specification.
  5. Later as for actions, we should certainly choose “CC the message to people or public group”. And then rule the designated people or group.Rule to CC Emails to Specific Person
  6. Finally click a series of “Next” and a “Finish” to save the new rule.

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