General introduction of OST file encryption

OST file (.ost) is an offline folder file in Microsoft Outlook. Offline folders make it possible for the user to work offline and then to synchronize changes with the Exchange server the next time they connect. The ability to work offline is useful in environments with limited or unreliable connectivity. In this article, I’ll talk about OST file encryption setting in Microsoft Outlook. I’ve seen many problems like “I can not change the default Compressible Encryption setting in...

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Deploying Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2008

In this article I will cover the installation of Exchange 2007 SP1 on Windows Server 2008.   1. Install  Windows Server 2008  Windows Server 2008 is the latest Server OS of Microsoft,  inheriting functions of  Windows Server 2003. It is a set of server system similar to Windows Vista, both will likely have many similar functions. Their relationship is similar to that between XP and Server 2003.  To install   Windows Server 2008 is a piece of cake if you have experience in...

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DataNumen Outlook Repair 3.2 – Highest Recovery Rate for Corrupt or Damaged Outlook Files

DataNumen Inc., developer of highly efficient data recovery solutions, has announced the release of DataNumen Outlook Repair 3.2. The performance of the new version has significantly improved, as the repair engine has been rewritten. DataNumen Outlook Repair 3.2 is able to recover corrupt or damaged PST files with average recovery rate of 95.7%, which is significantly higher than performance of other similar solutions. Millions of home users and companies all over the world use Microsoft...

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