Choosing the correct database for your small business – A quick primer

For small business opting to choose a database can be a challenge. In this article we offer pointers at how they can go about the selection process and also throw light on SQL Server Express edition. It is no wonder that these days many small businesses are flourishing by using DBMS or Database Management Systems. If you wish to replicate the success you need to understand the kind of database platform you need to use for your particular business. Yes, with the growing technology, you will...

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6 Simple Steps to Back up Emails in Selected Months

We can back up emails in specific months by using Outlook import and export tool. In this article, we will explore this issue together. It is known that a regular backup is essential in case of accidental Outlook corruption. Therefore, rather than trying various methods to retrieve pst files after corruption, we should be better off making backups on a regular basis. Actually, we have many ways to make backups, for example, utilizing Outlook Auto-Archive, copying Outlook data to external...

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How to Export Specific Items in Outlook Contacts

It is known that contacts contain name, company, email, etc. How can we export specific items, such as only name and email addresses? As we all know, a contact includes various elements, such as name, company, e-mail, phone number, address, etc. As usual, we are accustomed to fill in the items as much as possible. However, when we export contact data to an external file, sometimes we may be required to only extract the specific items, not all items. In such scenarios, how can we select and...

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