How to Print Workday Calendar Only in Outlook

In this article, we will learn how to print workday calendar only in Outlook, namely the calendar from Monday to Friday as usual. To those who keep using Outlook, Outlook is not only an email client, but also it can assist them to arrange their various appointments and tasks. By adding multiple of assignments to Outlook calendar, users can apprehend them fully at a glance. Why You Want to Print Workday Calendar Only Outlook calendar will list out all schedules in order. Users can check...

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Learn about the Weather in Your Town Right from Outlook

It’s possible to see the weather in your town right out from the Outlook main screen. To check the weather of your town you no longer need to switch on to a news channel or read the newspaper; all you need is to check up the Weather Bar in your MS Outlook. Yes, you can now learn about the weather in your own town or even of some other place sitting right in front of your system working on MS Outlook. Although, many people remove this useful tool that is displayed in the calendar feature of...

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Key Features that SQL Server 2016 will Roll Out

The SQL Server 2016 version is round the corner – here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect Recently, Microsoft released a sneak preview of its upcoming SQL Server 2016. This updated version will be packed with an array of interesting new features. This version is not meant only for Azure but it is an attempt to move towards both Azure SQL Database and SQL Server; meaning this time there will be a lot of room for changes to be made in a more updated version. Reading this article, you...

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