MS Outlook 2016 Is Great to Work on a Tablet – Here’s Why

If you love using a tablet then you would love running Ms Outlook on it MS Outlook 2016 is in news for its amazing new features and what makes it all the more popular is that it has been designed to work on tablets as well. Yes, keeping the emerging popularity of the tablets among the high tech users, the creators at Microsoft have this time tried their best to offer the best features that will give an amazing experience to the tablet users while working on Ms Office. Now, the users can...

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Know about the Stellar Always Encrypted Security Feature in SQL Server 2016

The upcoming version of SQL Server is already making great excitement among users for its few stellar Always Encrypted security feature. This smart new feature has been incorporated in SQL Server 2016 to provide an extra layer of security for the crucial and personal data of the user such as credit card number, data related to private healthcare or bank related information.  In other words, the main point of adding this feature in the upcoming SQL Server version is to keep the user data...

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3 Methods to Find Missing Contact Groups

In this article, I will introduce 3 methods to resolve the problems that users can’t find missing contact groups anywhere after set up them. Once I encountered such a circumstance that I’ve just set up a contact group, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I nearly rummaged all the possible pages, but it proved failure. After consulting with others, I search out my missing contact groups even if still couldn’t figure out the root causes. Now 3 methods will be imparted to you in...

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