8 Steps to Hide Flagged Emails in To-Do List

We can see both tasks and flagged messages in Outlook Task’s To-Do List. So how can we sift out flagged emails to show tasks only? To those typically important emails, we can utilize flag to mark it, which is a common feature of all email clients, including Outlook. Initially we tend to flag those messages, which contain assignments to be dealt with, so that we can make clear our tasks. It is owing to the original function that Outlook places all flagged messages in To-Do List. However,...

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Kill Pesky Meeting Request Spams Right Now!

We’ve known how to block junk emails. Thus clever spammers create a new way to attract our attentions – sending meeting request to us. In the digital age, email marketing has swept around the world. Therefore, we have learnt to block junk emails. But we cannot prevent the spammers, who have opened up a new way to promote their products and events - sending false meeting requests. In worse cases, they will create appointments in calendar automatically. Sometimes, these appointments may...

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The Contacts Feature in MS Outlook Holds an Array of options to Explore

We all know about Contacts feature in Outlook – in this article we checkout its array of options. Outlook will be almost nothing without its Contact Feature that helps you connect with other important people in your life; be it personally or professionally. It is through the Contact Feature that you can easily send emails and reminders or appointment requests in MS Outlook. No matter whichever version of Outlook you are using, Contacts Feature has always been popular among the users for...

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