How to CC Emails to Specific Persons Automatically

Are you often required to CC emails to specific persons? Here is way to have it done automatically so that we needn’t add addresses manually. As we all know, so-called “CC emails” is to send a copy message to other people. Every email clients are equipped with this function. But it seems that a few persons are using this function. Someone even doesn’t know it at all. Actually making flexible use of it can benefit us a lot. For instance, if I write an email to one person, and...

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Why is a database solution way better for storing records than a spreadsheet like Ms Excel

In this article we will explore the rationale behind using a database solution like SQL over a spreadsheet like Ms Excel in context of small and medium sized firms. Small Businesses are often at a loss while deciding to choose between a spreadsheet and a database solution while looking to execute routine tasks. Although, both have special features, yet it becomes difficult sometimes figuring out which one to use for what. Spreadsheets like MS Excel, a program which is a part of Microsoft...

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