How to Resend an Attached Email in Outlook

If you open an attached email, you would find the send button is grayed out. Do you know why? How can you deal with this issue? When it comes to attachments, pictures, documents and zip files will occur to our mind in the first place. While we need to note that emails, irrespective of draft, received or sent emails, can be attached to a new message as well. In attempt to forward several emails, we can treat these emails as attachments to a new message and then forward it. Undoubtedly, the...

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How to Show Hidden Contents in Your Worksheet

In this article, we will introduce some Excel tips to make sure the cell contents are always visible. Excel files can be very useful in processing huge amount of data. But sometimes the default size of cell is not large enough to show all the input contents. Here we will introduce some simple and useful Excel tips to solve the problem. When you manually input your information into the Excel sheet, you will find the cases as shown below: The first column is “Student Number” and the...

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2 Simple Ways to Highlight Holidays in Outlook

Provided that you would like to highlight holidays by color, you can apply the 2 easy methods in this article. Outlook allows us to add holidays to Calendar. I appreciate this feature very much. Moreover, recently, I find a good approach to highlight these holidays, namely color code. Not only does it have these days salient, but also it is capable to make Calendar more colorful, which helps us to avoid occasional visual fatigue. There are two simple ways to realize it. I will introduce them...

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