5 Top Reasons of Outlook Corruption

Outlook earns much kudos due to its diverse capabilities. But it has a deadly flaw, namely its vulnerability. This article mainly looks at the 5 top causes of Outlook corruption. Depending on these reasons, you can take corresponding precautions. Outlook is commonly utilized as a standalone email client. Virtually you can also apply it to manage contacts, arrange schedules and so on. However, despite boasting of numerous functions, Outlook still cannot escape from corruption. To avert...

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Running a PCI Compliant System on Old SQL Server edition – its your time to upgrade

PCI Compliance is an important statutory regulation applicable for many companies and it is important to check whether your database can confirm to the mandated standards. Are you still using the old SQL Server Edition to run a PCT Compliant System, then there is a possibility that you may fail in your next audit. Now one of the biggest requirements for audit is that your software must be supported by its vendor and surprisingly, Microsoft does no longer supports old SQL Server editions...

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How to Find the Maximum Number in an Excel File Quickly

In an Excel file, there will be many numbers. And you need to find a special number for your work. Today we will discuss the Excel tips on seeking out the maximum number quickly. Do you still find the maximum number by your eyes? After you learn the Excel tips in this article, the old method will be your last choice. And here is an example of selecting the best math score from 30 students. Look at this image below: If you select by looking at the numbers one by one, you will need to rest...

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