How to Find the Maximum Number in an Excel File Quickly

In an Excel file, there will be many numbers. And you need to find a special number for your work. Today we will discuss the Excel tips on seeking out the maximum number quickly. Do you still find the maximum number by your eyes? After you learn the Excel tips in this article, the old method will be your last choice. And here is an example of selecting the best math score from 30 students. Look at this image below: If you select by looking at the numbers one by one, you will need to rest...

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Why You Can’t Receive Requested Read Receipts?

To confirm the recipient viewed your message, you can request read receipts. Yet sometimes, you may find no requested read receipts. In this article, I will introduce the main reasons. Unlike other email clients, Outlook allows users to track up their sent messages, such as delivery receipts, read receipts and so on. With regard to read receipts, I have heard a lot of complaints about its unstability. Making clear its reason is the first step to resolve this problem. A Quick Guide to...

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How to Create a Contact Group from Recipient List

Did you receive an email, which contains many recipients in “To” field? This article aims to teach you how to quickly create a contact group including all of these recipients. It is known that when filling in “To”, “CC” or “BC” field, we are allowed to add countless email addresses. Therefore, we may receive this kind of emails which consist of many recipients as well. Sometimes, we would be required to send a new email to the same group of contacts. If we copy these contacts...

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