How to Select a Row or Column in Excel Quickly

Excel can handle a large amount of data. And sometimes, we need to use some Excel tips to help us finish our work. Today we will introduce the tips of selecting a row or a column quickly. In an Excel file, there will be a lot of data and information. And sometimes you have to select the entire row or the entire column. Most of the time, you need to highlight the data so that your work will be more smoothly. And we are sure that using today’s Excel tips to select row or column can improve...

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Still thinking about migrating to SQL Server 2016 – here’s what you should know

We look at some of the key reasons which can influence you to upgrade to the powerful SQL Server 2016 edition Microsoft has finally released its SQL Server 2016 Edition and yet you are still confused whether to get this upgrade or not? Well, when you will get acquainted with the numerous advanced features of this latest SQL version, you will not be able to resist getting this upgrade for receiving a better performance. Providing enhanced value to all your database solutions and applications,...

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2 Methods to Enlarge Fonts in Outlook Reading Pane

If the fonts in reading pane are too small for you to read, you would like to enlarge fonts. In this article, I will introduce two methods in detail. If your computer is in a high resolution, you will find that all pictures display more distinct. However, it also has a shortcoming, namely small fonts. The fonts ate too small to read. Therefore, you are better off enlarging the font size via the following two methods. 1.  Adjust Zoom Level of Reading Pane If your reading pane is...

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