Understanding the Advantages of Query Store in Ms SQL Server 2016

In this article we look at some of the key advantages of Query store in SQL Server 2016 Your wish for a faster and easier way to deal with troubleshooting while working on SQL Server gets fulfilled now in the latest 2016 version that comes with the smart Query Store. As the name suggests, the Query Store features different scenarios where a user can get trouble while working on the server just to simplify the performance. Once enabled, this store automatically picks and even retains a...

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How to Sum Up Values Based on Some Conditions via SUMPRODUCT Function

Excel has many functions that can help with your work. And there will be different functions to achieve different purpose. Therefore, today we will launch the usage of SUMPRODUCT function to sum up values based on certain conditions. Sometimes you may get a mess table. But you have to calculate certain numbers. For example, in the image below, there are sales volumes of different people. And it includes many products and different months. If you want to calculate the volume of apple that...

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9 Ways to Save Your Papers in Word – Part I

When you work on a word document, you might think about saving some papers. In this article series, we will introduce 9 ways to shrink your pages. And we mainly talk about the first 4 means in this part. Every one of us, more or less, comes across something like this: you need to adjust your word document to make it fit into its available space. Very often, you may want to save some papers when you print something out, keep your resume on a single page or sometimes, compress some texts into...

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