What Should You Do if Outlook Instant Search Doesn’t Work?

Faced with a plethora of items in Outlook, we tend to use instant search to locate the desired ones. But it can malfunction as well. If it doesn’t work, take the following methods to bring back it. As a regular user of Outlook for decades, I’ve held a host of items in Outlook. So whenever I need to find out one item amongst them, I will resort to search tool in Outlook. But one day, I found it cannot search out anything, which is exactly a nightmare for me. Fortunately, my friends help...

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How to Improve Your Efficiency by Creating Customized Word Templates

When you open a new Word file, sometimes you may want to start with a template containing default contents and all your favorite styles. Herein, we will talk about a method to create your customized Word template. If you need to create a certain type of Word documents frequently, such as a monthly report, a financial statement, or a presentation with a company logo, you could save it as a template so that you can use it as your starting point, rather than recreating the document from scratch...

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What to Do if Outlook Spelling & Grammar Check Doesn’t Work

Spelling & grammar check plays an important role in helping us avert unwanted and awkward mistakes when composing emails in Outlook. But if it doesn’t work, how can you get back it? Once I met the case that Outlook spelling & grammar check cannot work, I will check whether there are some faulty settings in Outlook Options. This method helps me a lot. But one day, I found that it also could not make effect. After resorting to my friends, I discovered another hidden...

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