4 User Interface Gadgets in Excel that Can Make Your Life Easier

Excel has many hidden features which can also be set according to your need. Thus, today we will introduce the 4 user interface gadgets in Excel. When you create a new Excel file, you will find that there are some small features. Those features include the mini toolbar, live preview and others. However, those features are not fixed. And you can change the settings according to your operation custom. Thus, today we will show the 4 options about the user interface. 1.Mini Toolbar The mini...

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How to Improve Your Efficiency by Saving Frequently Used Lists in Excel

Excel can be a very useful tool for storing and editing data and information. Its big capacity allows you to input a lot of information in it. In addition, in this article we will talk about customizing lists according to you need to improve your efficiency. The Microsoft has input many economic features in Excel. And there exists a very convenient feature in Excel, which can improve your work efficiency more than twice. This is exactly what we will introduce today. The feature of...

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How to Update RSS Feeds in Outlook Manually Instead of Automatically

RSS Feeds will also update automatically when you click Send/Receive button. If there are multiple RSS Feeds, they will slow down the whole Send/Receive process. This article will talk about how to separate RSS Feeds from common emails and have it update manually instead of automatically. I have subscribed several newsletters via RSS Feeds in Outlook. To be honest, I considerably appreciate it, due to the fact that I can check all the subscribed news only in Outlook without needs to access...

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