SQL Server 2016 is available for Linux and will offer superb Security and Speed

The SQL Server 2016 edition planned for Linux is making headlines for its plethora of security feature and overall performance speed If you a tech savvy then, you must be aware that Microsoft has finally launched it’s much anticipated SQL Server 2016 Database full of unique and improved features. Now, to add to your frenzy is the news coming from Microsoft insiders that it aims to bring the same database to Linux very shortly. Yes, you heard it right! Microsoft is planning to bring SQL...

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Recover Your Unsaved Excel Spreadsheets via AutoSave & AutoRecover Features (Part II)

In the previous part, we have introduce the setting of saving AutoRecover information and the condition of closing the existing file without first saving it. And the following are the other two conditions. Except closing existing files without first saving it, there are two other specific conditions. Now follow us and know the detail information. Case 2: Closing a New File without First Saving it In this condition, you set a new Excel file and input into some information. However, you...

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Recover Your Unsaved Excel Spreadsheets via AutoSave & AutoRecover Features (Part I)

Excel is widely used in many companies and organizations. However, sometimes many reasons can close Excel files before you can save it. And today we will introduce the ways to prevent such conditions by setting the saving AutoRecover information. When you have finished inputting information into an Excel file, you will accidently close it before saving. And this behavior will happen due to many different reasons, you click the wrong button, you have thought that the latest information in...

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