3 Steps to Reply All Emails in a Folder with Same Contents

Have you ever been required to reply to several emails in one folder using the same contents? On basis of this situation, in this article, we will delve into how to reply to all of them via one rule. If needing to send the specific message to several people, people are inclined to add the whole recipients in “To” field and then send out the email. But if there are countless recipients and many of them aren’t included in Outlook Contacts, the above method will be much more difficult....

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How to Scan Your Word Document More Conveniently via Automatic Scroll

We can use the little wheel between the two buttons of mouse to quickly scroll through a document. However, we can also auto-scroll our documents without mice. Nowadays, most mice have been designed with a special wheel between the two buttons, so that you can use it to scroll quickly through a lengthy document. However, the problem is that not everyone uses a mouse. For example, some people may be used to working with touchpads. So if you do not have a mouse, how can you scan your document...

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How to Change the Orientation of Selected Pages in Your Word

Occasionally, you may want to insert a page that may look better in a different orientation. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to apply different page orientation to the selected page only. Have you ever attempted to insert a horizontal page into a Word document with portrait orientation? Or vice versa? As you may have to display a wide table or a large picture in your document, which would be “scrunched” if you attempt to place them in portrait orientation pages? Within...

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