How to Track Revisions of Your Word Documents via Compare & Combine Feature – Part 1

You can use the compare and combine features in Word to keep track of the revisions made by others. In this part, we will mainly talk about how to compare the original file and revised one. As you may know, many of the finished documents combine the efforts of a group of people, who work on different copies of the same file to create a polished product. For example, a single document you wrote may at the same time be modified by other editors or reviewers. Therefore, in order to keep track...

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What to Do If Outlook Rules Cannot Work Automatically

Someone may have faced the issue that Outlook rules cannot work automatically. They can only make effects when you press “Run rules now” button manually. This article will tell how to deal with this issue. If you’ve used Outlook for decades, errors cannot be avoided thoroughly. But if you figure out their causes, it will be much easier to solve them. For instance, the malfunctioning rules can be triggered by the corruption in SRS file, rules, and even your mailbox. Now let’s further...

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