3 reasons why you should prefer SQL server over MS excel for your small business

In this article we look at 3 key reasons which make SQL Server an apt choice for small businesses over Ms Excel Some small business owners, especially those working in the traditional economy, are usually wary of technology. They are skeptical not only about investing in technology but also in using technology in their businesses. Most of them prefer using it to the minimal extent and prefer sticking to old technology wherever possible. In contrast, majority of small business owners are...

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5 Ways to Fix Outlook Error “Cannot open your default e-mail folders” upon Launch

Error “Cannot open your default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened” often occurs upon launching Outlook. This article will provide 2 effective means to fix it. In essence, the reason for this error of default e-mail folders  can be concluded into two facets, namely Outlook misconfiguration as well as Outlook corruptions. From the perspective of the two aspects, here are 5 effective solutions to this error related to e-mail folders. 1. Reset Outlook Navigation...

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2 Methods to Fix Hyperlink Malfunctions in Outlook

If hyperlink in Outlook cannot work and Internet Explorer is the default browser on your computer, you can use the 2 methods in this article to get rid of this issue. When need to offer some Internet references to my fellows, instead of copying excessive characters, I prefer to insert according hyperlink into the emails. But on one occasion, one of them told me that the hyperlink cannot work. After a-certain-time checks, we found this problem stems from hyperlink malfunctions on his...

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