How to Easily Create a Drop-down List in Your Word Document

We can create a drop-down list in Word, so that we just need to click on it to choose from a group of predefined options. This article will then introduce how to do that. Typically, when we are working on Word document, we need to type in texts manually. However, Word also allows us to create drop down lists that provide predefined options, so that all we need to do is just clicking on it. In this article, we will mainly talk about how to implement such a feature. Create a Drop-down...

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3 Steps to Insert YouTube Video into Outlook Emails

As we all know, Outlook email permits us to embed various items, such as picture, charts, and calendars, etc. This article will teach you how to insert YouTube video into Outlook emails. Virtually inserting YouTube video into emails is not allowed in Outlook. But we can achieve this feature via another smart method. That is creating a picture of the video and link the image to the video in emails. Here are 3 quick steps. Step 1: Create an Image of YouTube Video To start with, you...

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SQL Server Error 26: There is more to it than what meets the eye

In this article we dwell in to the possible causes behind SQL Server error 26 The SQL Server database, despite being counted amongst the best software in its class is hardly perfect. As with other software application, it too can falter and throw out error messages. One such error message that you may encounter while working on SQL Server application is error 26. It typically is accompanied by a message which mentions an error in locating the server instance. This error is likely to occur...

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