How to Quickly Close All Open Outlook Items by One Click

When multiple Outlook items are opened in their own windows, someone is accustomed to closing them one by one. Actually Outlook allows us to close all items via one click only. Every day when I launch my Outlook and check new emails, I prefer to read them in their own windows instead of in reading pane. After finishing reading, I just use one click to close all of them, namely clicking "Close All Items" button. Add "Close Al Items" Command to Home Ribbon Virtually "Close All Items"...

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5 Solutions to the Outlook Errors Preventing You from Deleting an Email

When you try to delete an email, Outlook may stop the action and throws out relevant errors. In this situation, you can utilize the following 5 means to do away with it. There are many kinds of error messages when you fail to delete an email in Outlook, such as “An unknown error has occurred”, “Messaging interface has caused an unknown error” and so on. Actually we can ascertain that this error stems from email corruption. So do not panic. Applying the 5 ways below can solve it with...

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Still not using a database like SQL Server in your Services business – this is what you are missing

If you are running a services business – a database can make a huge difference in growing your business and optimizing performance. Most small business owners typically believe that databases are beneficial for big companies only; however this cannot be further from truth. Having a database always helps, the company can be of any size, if it has all its customer and employee information in place, it will almost always have an edge over the others. Small businesses can very much have their...

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