2 Method to Quickly Enter Same Texts into Multiple Cells in Your Word Table

Sometimes you may want to insert the same texts into multiple cells of your Word table. This article will offer two tricky ways to do that. In some circumstances, you may have a large table and want to fill some blank cells with the same text. Instead of copying and pasting texts into each cell one by one, we will offer two convenient ways to do that. Method 1: Copy & Paste the Same Texts into Multiple Table Cells Actually copy & paste method will also work for multiple cells. ...

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Key Storage Considerations to Keep in Mind during a SQL Server Setup

In this article we look at certain storage considerations (disk drives) that one needs to keep in mind while implement a SQL Server instance It is difficult to reach to a decision when it comes to how many disk drives are to be purchased for installing a new SQL Server instance. The need is often dictated by business requirements along with the need for redundancy and business continuity.  This is also an issue of storage space and capacity. One would also have to keep in mind the...

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How to Improve Your Efficiency by Adding Often-Used Templates to Outlook Jump List

The jump list refers to the list that shows up when you right click the Outlook icon on the taskbar. You can add your frequently used message templates to the list, which will improve efficiency. In the previous article – “How to Improve Your Work Efficiency via Outlook Templates”, we have mentioned that in order to use message templates, we should go to “Developers” > “Choose Forms”. Actually we can easily pin them to the jump list, which can help us access to them with...

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