How to Customize the Default View for New Folders in Outlook

Every time you create a new folder, you will need to change its view as per your likes. Why don’t you directly change the default view for new folders? Someone may have never noticed that the default view for new folders in Outlook is “Compact” view. Therefore, if you change the view settings of “Compact” view, the default view for new folders will be changed accordingly. Here are concrete steps. Steps to Customize the Default View for New Folders At the very outset, switch...

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7 Measures to Fix Instant Search Malfunctions in Outlook

When you discover that instant search in Outlook cannot function properly, such as not showing results or keeps hanging up, do not panic. Here are 7 quick resolutions to this problem. Confronted with malfunctioning instant search, many people may think that only the indexing must be to blame. Actually apart from indexing, corrupted PST file is a vital factor as well. 1. Check If the PST File Is Included to Be Indexed First of all, you need to check whether your PST file or your mailbox is...

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3 Method to Move Objects More Precisely in Your Word

Sometimes you may want to fine tune object placement in Word. This article will talk about how to move objects with greater precision. When you move a text box or a picture in Word, they seem to be snapping to the nearest intersection of lines in the grid. But sometimes, we want to precisely control the placement of these objects. In this article will mainly look at 3 ways to move the object to exactly the location where you want. Method 1: Hold Down “Alt” Key to Move the Object...

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