How to Use Outlook to Export Senders’ Email Addresses to an Excel File in Batches

In order to record the sender’s email addresses in Excel, many people used to write down them one by one. It will be an arduous task. This article will teach you how to export the target addresses from a certain mail folder to Excel. Recently I’ve sent out several questionnaires. And multiple people send the feedbacks to me. In order to gather the statistics about these senders, I need to take records of their email addresses firstly. With the help of “Export” feature in Outlook, I...

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How to Fix ScanPST “Fatal Error: 80040818”

When you try to use Scanpst to scan and fix your PST file, you can receive the error message – “Fatal Error: 80040818”. This article will rescue you from this annoying error and bring an intact PST file back to you. If you’ve used Outlook for a long time, you must be familiar with ScanPST, which is totally a part of MS Outlook. Every time you come across any errors in Outlook, the first resort may be this tool. However, in most situations, it cannot bring out any effects, and even...

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How to Save an Outlook Email as a PDF File

As we all know, PDF file is the most appropriate to manage important data due to its document fidelity. Thus to protect a significant email, why don’t you save it as a PDF file? When it comes to saving an Outlook email as a PDF file, many people consider applying Adobe Acrobat software to accomplish it. However, if without it, how can you achieve it? Here are two methods to export the email as a PDF file without the help of Adobe Acrobat software. Use “Microsoft Print to PDF”...

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