Real world tips to help you improve the performance of Ms SQL Server

In this article we explore few handy tips designed for DBAs which can help them better improve the performance of their SQL Server implementation. Microsoft SQL server is one of the best database management system software in vogue today; both in terms of features and performance. However there are instances when we need to boost its performance. You can always have a hardware that is advanced enough to enhance the performance of your software, but enhancing the hardware is not always...

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How to Find Emails with an Exact Word or Phrase in Outlook

When searching a specific phrase in Outlook instant search, you will get the irrelevant results that only contain one certain word of this phrase. This article will teach you how to rapidly find emails with an exact word or phrase. When I try to find the emails whose subjects contain the specific phrase “Outlook Repair” in a mail folder by instant search, I get multiple uncorrelated emails which only include one word of this phrase – “Outlook” or “Repair”. However, what I need...

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How to Change the Attachment Size Limit for Outlook Emails

When trying to attach a very large file to Outlook emails, you may receive a prompt that the attachment size exceeds the allowable limit. This article will teach you how to change the size limit. If you are using an Internet email account like POP3 or IMAP, Outlook has a default attachment size limit of 20 MB. In contrast, if using an Exchange email account, the size limit is 10 MB. Thus whenever you attach files whose sizes are greater than the limit, you will definitely receive the error...

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